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Color theory, a collection of rules and guidelines used by designers to create appealing color schemes, can boost mood. For Black women facing disparities in mental health resources, exploring color theory can be a valuable tool for improving mood and well-being. High-functioning depression, often undetectable, can leave individuals feeling off-balance and disconnected. Instead of repressing emotions, incorporating certain colors into your wardrobe can potentially uplift your mood and bring positive energy. Let’s delve into the colors that can enhance your emotions and style, drawing from color psychology and therapy.

Red: Releasing Emotions and Boost Mood

The color red, known for evoking high energy, has shown to help patients release negative emotions and lingering anger in color therapy. If you’ve been feeling uninterested and disconnected, try incorporating more red into your wardrobe to release pent-up feelings. Red has been associated with empowerment and passion and has been seen on runways at Ferragamo and Valentino.

Yellow: Embracing Vibrance and Optimism

Yellow, reminiscent of sunshine, is a mood-boosting color that exudes vibrance and optimism. Add a splash of yellow to your outfit, even if you’re not usually drawn to colorful attire, and experience a potential shift in your daily routine. Yellow can bring a sense of joy and energy, and it was seen at Ferragamo’s runway.

Light Blue: Finding Comfort and Serenity

Lighter hues of blue provide a comforting feeling, while darker hues can trigger loneliness. To counter the negative effects of doom scrolling and create a sense of serenity, incorporate light blue into your style. Fendi showcased light blue in its designs, offering a calming and soothing effect.

Purple: Relieving Stress and Boosting Creativity

Shades of purple, like lavender, have long been associated with stress relief, while darker tones can foster creativity. Wearing purple during brainstorming sessions or challenging periods, such as finals week, can potentially enhance your performance and mood. Runways at Rick Owens and McQueen featured purple in their collections for F/W 23′, celebrating its stress-relieving properties.

Green: Uplifting with Rejuvenation and Growth

Green, in all its shades, symbolizes rejuvenation, new life, and growth. Embrace green to uplift your spirits and experience a grounding effect during anxious moments and an energizing boost during bouts of depression. Surrounding yourself with natural hues of green in nature can enhance the experience further. Bottega showcased green in its designs, signifying renewal and growth.

Conclusion: Fashion and Mood – A Colorful Connection

Color theory extends beyond design principles and can impact our mood and well-being. For Black women facing mental health challenges, color can be a powerful tool to uplift and empower. Embrace the mood-boosting properties of red, the optimism of yellow, the serenity of light blue, the stress relief of purple, and the rejuvenation of green through your wardrobe. As you explore fashion, let color be your ally in navigating emotions and expressing yourself vibrantly.

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