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To tackle workism on a broader level, systemic changes are necessary to increase your well life. Employers should actively promote well life balance and respect their employees’ lives outside of work. Decoupling basic human needs from employment status can help individuals feel less pressured to constantly prioritize work over personal well-being.

Creating Structural Protections for Leisure Time

Individuals can take steps to alter their relationship with work and create structural protections for leisure time. This involves setting boundaries and creating dedicated non-work periods where multitasking and work-related activities are prohibited. This prevents the constant state of half-work, where individuals are always on alert for work-related emails and tasks.

Avoiding Overachievement in Leisure Time

Many overachievers apply workism to their leisure time, always striving to be the best even outside of work. To counteract this tendency, individuals should take time away from the pressure to constantly excel, allowing themselves to engage in leisure activities without the need to achieve perfection or reach unrealistic goals.

Adopting the “Good Enough Job” Approach

The concept of the “good enough job” challenges the notion that one must constantly seek their dream job. Just as “good enough” parenting teaches children to navigate challenges and develop independence, individuals can approach their jobs with a similar mindset. This involves thinking about how a job can support one’s life rather than defining life solely by career success.

Defining Personal Satisfaction

Ultimately, individuals need to determine what is good enough to support their own version of a well life. This might involve considering factors such as salary, title, industry, and schedule that align with personal values and goals. By defining their own criteria for success, individuals can avoid the constant pursuit of something better and achieve a sense of balance and fulfillment across various areas of life.

Embracing Multiple Containers of Success

Work is just one container with a specific set of success metrics. Embracing multiple areas of life that bring fulfillment and balance, such as personal relationships, hobbies, and community involvement, can contribute to a more holistic sense of well-being. By diversifying the sources of satisfaction, individuals can escape the narrow focus on workism and enjoy a more well-rounded life.

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